The Advantages Of Thermowood Siding

Due to the spatial stability and durability, cladding and batten siding made of wood are great for use. The greater resistance of to rot and weather offers the greatest advantage for outdoor use. Thermowood shows that softwood can be used successfully in cold, hot and humid weather. In addition, all of our and cladding materials are certified around the world.

Cladding Made Of Thermowood

Raw used to make siding and batten siding: pine, spruce and ray pine. During production, the resin is removed from the wood by heat treatment without any other elements. Heat treatment of wood improves the insulation properties of wood, which converts this cladding into efficiency. And the classic smell of heat treated wood smoke disappears over time. Thermowood can create a wonderful living space in public buildings and houses.


Siding and surfaces can be painted or treated with wood oil, wax, stain or paraffin oil, which not only protects the wood but also improves the beauty of the wood. Surface treatment or coating of smooth or flaky siding is easy at the installation. Due to the spatial stability of thermowood, the varnish remains unbroken on the siding and the cladding, while oils and stains do not crack. Further surface care is no longer required as often as the of untreated paneling. The resin is removed from the wood during the thermal period, which means that the resin pockets and tubers will not spoil the appearance of the wood in the future.

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