The Right Materials For Batten Siding

If you like to work as a craftsman in your own household, you need to get the right for batten siding. Right square timber and roof battens for example are great for house plans. You can expect a solid that on the one hand is inexpensive, but on the other hand also offers a multitude of defined properties. Implement your next construction plan with roof battens and squared timber.

Whether you are renovating an old building, renovating your own home or building new structures in the area – the squared timber and roof battens are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The customers not only appreciate our diverse range of sawn timber, but also our experienced advice.

Materials For Batten Siding

Benefit From The Extensive Knowledge Of Board And Batten Siding

Square timber, lath or batten siding? This is how the different dimensions of differ.

Scaffolding drawer: A scaffolding drawer is used from a thickness of 40 mm. The width of the plank is usually between 250 and 280 mm.

For roof structures: If your building project includes roof trusses, beams, purlins, ceilings or various  supports, you can use sawn timber and roof battens siding, among other things.

Rough can add a and appealing cladding. Green or freshly ground lumber has covered the of many barns. Since green still has a high content, it is applied in strips using a so called board and lath method. A nail pattern enables the wood paneling to the drying phase after construction on the side of the building.

Things To Consider

If the building is not framed horizontally, then you will need to lay furring strips before installing the batten siding. As an option to furring strips, 2 inch by 4 inch blocks can be placed between the studs at 2 foot intervals. Two pieces of raw wood can be joined together by making a 45 degree bevel cut at one end of each piece. The 45 degree joint should be sloped down to keep water from getting into the wood. If the width of a board varies from top to bottom, snap it on the table saw to make the width even.

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