Is Board And Batten The Same As Hardie Board?

Hardie Board is a fiber cement siding manufactured by Hardie Products, one of the first successful manufacturers of this kind of siding. Two of their most well known products are Hardie plank siding and vertical siding. The fiber cement siding is made of portland cement mixed with ground sand, fibers and other additives. The product is also known as fiber cladding and concrete cladding

Fiber siding can resemble shingles depending on how the panels are textured during the manufacturing. Powdered sand, cement, and pulp are mixed with water to make a slurry that is rolled out and compressed into slabs. The water is squeezed out, a pattern is pressed onto the surface and the leaves are cut into boards. The product is baked in an clave under high steam and then the individual panels are pushed apart, checked for strength and painted. It may look like wood, but the boards are much heavier with properties associated with cement rather than wood. The wood is added to give the board flexibility so that it does not tear.

The element is more durable than most woods and pieces of and resists insects and rot. It is also fireproof, which explains its early popularity in far east, a dry land ravaged by forest fires all over the bush. Fiber cement linings have become popular because they require little maintenance, do not melt, are non-combustible, and have a wood-like appearance. However, many people say that it is much more difficult for a non-pro to than other siding. As you cut, keep in mind that it is real cement, with the hardness and dust that comes with it to prove it.


Cost Comparisons

Fiber cement cladding, while more expensive than vinyl, is considerably cheaper than wood. Fiber cement board is usually cheaper than cedar, more expensive than vinyl, and cheaper than brick. It’s the same as or cheaper than composite siding and cheaper than stucco. As with any construction, the elements are only one aspect of the cost. Incorrect of the cement board can be a priceless mistake.

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