How To Repair Board And Siding

The assembly of the siding is recommended by nails, a tree bracket, but practices, however, often use self-tapping screws working at a height comfortably with a screwdriver and a nozzle. The main thing is resistance to corrosion, otherwise over time the species will be spoiled by rusty stains.

The Procedure For Attaching Panels

Base and assembly of waterproof. In the house, it can be on a level in a level with a wall or a ledge. For the second variant you need a rain TUMP, which can be made from a drain belt, a corner of the corner. The first grip of the angle, the joint is sealed with silicone. The corners are set from a sampling, with a hinge of the brackets. Next, under the sump, attach a hard rail along the entire length of the base. A strict horizontal line is checked with the plane. They advise you to make a flood around the entire perimeter of the building.


The Startup Profile

The starting field is mandatory at the bottom of the base as it depends on the rigidity and appearance of the overall siding design. First, it is necessary to pay attention to the lower level of the facing in one of the corners. Then, 4 inches over a nail. The same thing happens in another corner of the wall. It is a planned line that will be carried out around the perimeter around the building with similar marking. The edges of the nail ties are marked on the box. The top of the start profile is installed along the markup line. The start strip must be strict. Next, it is hidden by subsequent panels. On the border of the section of the base, it is possible to a board, which will become the basis of the next line.

Of Angle Plates

Corner profiles are attached immediately after the start line has been completed. Barbed rails are connected to one another to protect the joint from the ingress of water. It is necessary to make sure that the place of the intersection is on the same level opposite all corners. The main step of the fastener is 2-2.5 cm. Fasteners are made in the middle of the holes and are not nested.

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