Most Populer Siding Types

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This is the subject of this article, which most people perceive only as siding, but in a much different way than that, which also includes siding in itself. There are many siding types for exterior design.

  1. Exterior Siding

When the exterior siding types are mentioned, the first method that comes to mind is the sheathing method. This is because it is cost-effective to implement and is the best-known method because it is used almost everywhere. It can be made in 3 different ways so that it can be applied both insides, outside and both parts of the building.

  1. Silicone Exterior Siding

It is a type of exterior siding which is fixed to the building by anchoring system made of steel material and includes a horizontal profile with profiles which can carry glass and special fasteners. Since it gives an elegant and rich appearance to buildings, it is generally preferred as the exterior siding method of business buildings. Compatible with other systems.

  1. Aluminum Composite Exterior Siding

The aluminum composite exterior siding system is connected to the floor by means of aluminum or steel anchors, which are made up of adjacent aluminum composite plates.

Aluminum siding method is light and thin structure. The proper heat and sound insulation can be applied to buildings in terms of insulation. As it can be produced in different colors and appearances, it adds a visual difference to the buildings.

  1. Natural Stone Siding

As it can be understood from its name, it is a durable exterior siding method that gives the appearance of stone to the facades. In this method, which dominates the decorative aspect in terms of exterior wall cladding types, biscuit bricks with unique stone color are used and can be used in order to enrich the buildings in terms of appearance and to ensure order.

  1. Wood Exterior Siding

This type of siding is produced from wood, which is a natural material, giving the building a very natural appearance. It is light and does not put too much load on the building.

It is a preferred exterior siding method when properly insulated. However, due to the high flammability of the wood, although it looks pleasing to the eye, it is low in the exterior.

  1. Precast Exterior Siding

It is a durable, light and decorative type of exterior siding produced with a thickness of 15-20mm and containing a mixture of white cement, silica sand, water, glass fiber and polymer. Since it is applied by a spraying method, it has the feature of being shaped to the smallest detail in molds produced with wood, or similar formwork systems.

In our opinion, precast exterior siding method, which we think is the best among exterior siding types, is produced with heat insulated precast panel system, since it is produced as self-insulating, it does not require an additional budget for the sheathing.

In addition, because of the panel thickness of 13-15cm, it also makes it unnecessary to build a wall from the inside. So you can profit in terms of both square meters and insulation.

Precast elements made of A1 class fireproof material can also be produced as shell panels. Because of this feature, precast jambs and precast wiping forms can be applied to the structure in all buildings where walls or walls are required during rough construction.

7.Board and Batten Siding

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