How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Decor

You look at it first, it is touched countless times and has to withstand a lot in everyday life – the cabinet. The cabinet is the figurehead of the kitchen and has an impact on its decor. Therefore, the selection should not be made over the knee, but should be well thought out. What color and what elements should the fronts be? And which grips fit the desired style? Or maybe you want a handleless cabinet? In recent years, a large number of new kitchen cabinets have found their way into kitchen models, giving the kitchen a modern, cosy look, depending on taste. We provide details about the most well known kitchen cabinets and the and disadvantages of the different elements

Solid Wood Cabinet

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Solid kitchens cabinets impress with their look and homely flair. Solid wood kitchens are usually made to measure and are unique. Due to the largely pollutant-free production, these kitchens are particularly a trend with allergy sufferers and people with respiratory diseases. The most common wood models are walnut, alder, ash, cherry, oak, spruce, birch, beech and maple. Wooden cabinets leave a high-quality, homely impression and can be combined with all colors. Anyone who likes pure colors can hardly avoid a solid wood kitchen. By the way: With an actual wood cabinet, for example, only the fronts can be made of wood. In the case of a solid kitchen, the solid wood stipulates that the entire kitchen must be made of wood (apart from the rear wall and drawer bottoms).

Kitchen Cabinet

Lacquered Fronts

The lacquer fronts are probably the second most common. A distinction can be made between high-gloss and matt finishes. High gloss in particular is often used in cabinets for decor and looks more than matt lacquer. The wide range of colors and the linked possibility of a good choice of color ensures that more and more people interested in kitchens are opting for lacquer. Kitchen cabinets that have been made of real lacquer in several layers and then polished are of high quality. This complicated procedure is reflected in the price: high-quality lacquered fronts are linked with higher acquisition costs. Fronts made of so-called lacquered laminate are a much cheaper way of bringing the unique lacquered look into your kitchen at home. With this element, a foil available in countless colors is applied to a carrier plate, which is then lacquered with clear lacquer. The result is a high-quality front with, if desired, a high degree of gloss, which in terms of appearance can hardly be distinguished from lacquer and is still affordable. But it doesn’t always have to be glossy: there are also matt models. Such kitchen cabinets have the advantage that fingerprints are less visible on them than on high-gloss cabinets.

Plastic Cabinets

Plastic cabinets can be found everywhere, from inexpensive entry-level kitchens to trendy kitchens. There are three kinds of plastic cabinets that are offered by manufacturers: In terms of value, these are foil, laminate and melamine resin cabinets. Regarding the former, it can be said that they are mostly found in the entry-level price category. In this procedure, a film is applied to an MDF. Laminate and melamine resin cabinets are made up of several layers: several layers of paper are laminated on top of each other with resin and heat until the desired thickness of the panel is reached. The finish is also a laminated decorative one, which then gives the front its look. There are countless different colors and designs available. In the meantime, the laser edge has established itself as a quality feature: With this procedure, the edges are welded to the carrier plate using a laser and not just glued as usual. This creates an attractive seamless look.

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