Best Grey Vinyl Siding Colors

Many people also want something specific for the outer walls and sidings of their houses. For example, a grey color scheme that immediately catches the eye of every observer, clearly stands out from the crowd and thus underscores the individuality of the homes. But not every building benefits from this: laypeople in particular often misjudge the color consequence on large areas or make practical mistakes when incorporating the siding because they lack basic experience or background knowledge. In addition, even the owners of detached family homes cannot simply do what they want when creating the siding. Because the building stipulates that homeowners must observe certain rules and be considerate of neighbors and the town and landscape.

Grey Siding Preparations

Scaffolding is usually required to the entire siding. Here you should definitely secure yourself as good as possible, for example no  self-constructions, but have the scaffolding provided by experts. Depending on the place, you may also need covers, signs, a roadblock, or similar. Check in good time what the scaffolding siding cleaner or painter can do and what you have to prepare yourself. The substrate must be and free of loose parts. This can be achieved by thoroughly cleaning the siding with a high-pressure cleaner. Smaller defects are repaired before painting with a suitable or filling compound. Everything needs to be properly dry again before applying the grey paint, so plan with the weather forecast.


The Larger The Area, The Lighter The Color Appears

On the siding and in broad daylight, colors look very different than on the small color charts in the store or the picture online. Above all, the grey colors then appear lighter – even on textured surface, which always makes grey color tones appear a little darker overall due to the many small shadows. In order to be able to actually assess the color, at least one, with your desired grey tone color in advance and let the area have an upshot on you from a greater distance and in different lighting.

Grey Doesn’t Just Have An Virtual Effect

Consider the so-called lightness value: dark colors can reflect less light and absorb more heat than light ones. The weather forecast differences can lead to changes in the length or expansion of the siding and reinforcement layer, i.e. to tension and, in the worst case, to damage. If you want to the siding grey, ask an expert if that could be a problem for your home.

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