Aluminum Siding

aluminum siding

Siding With New Sound Transmission And Technology


siding provides effective protection against external weather conditions such as rain and snow which harm homes and are also used aesthetically to complement the architectural style of the building.


What Is Siding?


Aluminum are generally chosen and applied in accordance with the design and aesthetic appearance of the building. siding minimizes sound transmission and extends the life of the building by providing heat and water insulation.


How To Do The Installation?


The dimensions of the base profile are determined according to the thickness of the cladding board to be used. The profile is adjusted to the wall with a spirit level and is fixed with a dowel.

The prepared bonding mortar is applied to the boards by the frame method and starting from the bottom of the outer surface, it is placed as a surprise so that there is no gap. It should be ensured that the adhesive does not overflow at the edges where the sheets are joined. Plastic anchors are used as mechanical fixing elements to prevent wind and turbulence effects. The number of dowels to be used is determined and applied according to the plate type, weather conditions and building characteristics. The dowels are applied in the middle of the siding plates and in the joints where they connect with the other sheets. Edges and corners are the areas that are subjected to the most mechanical stress and need to be protected. To protect this area and reduce the risk of cracking, an aluminum profile should be used. Reinforcement mesh plaster mortar should be embedded in the plaster when it is fresh and not dried. To prevent possible cracks, mesh joints should be applied 10 cm overlapping each other. The thickness of the applied plaster should be enough thick in two layers. After the first coat is completely dry, the topcoat with textured finish can be applied. It is recommended not to apply in suitable weather conditions as it will lose its material property in rainy weather. Sufficient number of elements should be applied quickly without interruption.


How To Find Aluminum Siding Contractors?


Aluminum siding panels are manufactured with advanced technology and are easily found through official websites and phone connections of companies with modern architecture and frequently preferred building element. It produces a new look with modern lines in the buildings and constructions. The use of aluminum siding on the inner and outer surfaces of buildings has made it a preferred building material.



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