Cement Siding

cement siding

Cement Siding Installation

The main purpose of siding is to protect a building from the elements – mainly rainfall and the negative effects of moisture. However, it also serves an aesthetic purpose and can dramatically affect the value of a home. The sidings should be selected based on their total cost, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, durability and compatibility. Cement, and have different costs involved.


Installing cement board siding is a 21st-century replacement for cement products in the 1970s. Fiber cement siding installation is made of 8 percent cement to 10 percent fiber.


Fiber cement is a house siding material that consists of a composite of cement. The result is a water and fire siding that has the resistance of cement and is easy to install like wood.


You can simply drive a nail through the cement siding without chipping or cracking it. With the help of a friend you can install this siding in a few days on your house and your house will have a clean, professional finish.


Installation For Appropriate Sizes


Use tilted a circular saw with a tungsten carbide dust collecting blade to cut the pieces over the siding to the appropriate sizes for your house. You will need to wear a breathing mask while keeping cement dust out of your mouth and nose. Cut off all of the cement so that it will trim a 1/8 inch gap between the end of the siding and the corner. This allows you to seal them for sealing.


Connect inside and outside corner-trimming siding with a hammer and stainless nails. The trim should be 1/8-inch thicker than a piece of siding. Install a large siding at the bottom edge of where the siding should be connected. The siding should be placed one foot above canopies, stairs and other areas at the base of the house.


Tips & Warnings


Use a pneumatic nail gun to facilitate installation. The overlap of the siding often as you go up or you do not notice any discrepancies until the end of the siding is reached and there is a clear inclination to check.


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