Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen manufacturers who offer wooden kitchen cabinet work with a wide variety of different models and species of wood. From the well known oak to fine walnut models. Each kind of has special characteristics such as color, grain or feel. There are also differences in terms of durability, hardness and price. But when does which wood come into question? Here you will find examples of the different woods used in the wooden kitchen cabinet sector and details about their essential properties.

Above all, a wooden kitchen cabinet impresses with its pleasant living ambience and becomes the focal point of the home. While practicality and low costs used to be crucial, an attractive style is becoming increasingly important in new wooden cabinets. We will show you which is suitable for the kitchen and what costs you have to expect with a wooden kitchen.

Which Is Considered For The Kitchen Cabinet?

Since the selection of the right subsequently determines the style of your kitchen, it should be carefully considered. In principal, almost any wood can be used to decorate the kitchen, provided it has been treated accordingly and prepared for everyday use in the kitchen. For an environmentally friendly kitchen, classic models of wood such as oak, spruce, beech or maple from sustainable forestry, which have been awarded the seal, should be used.

The furnishing, the size of the budget and the durability of the are also important decision-making reasons. For example, not all wood is the first choice for a kitchen cabinet that is exposed to stresses such as moisture, heat, light, substances, abrasive or scratching items every day. Harder, less and more robust woods such as oak, maple or beech are therefore more suitable for the production of heavily used wooden kitchens. For those who attach particular importance to a great style, precious woods such as walnut or cherry are also an opportunity.

Kitchen Cabinets


• Is a hardwood specie from light to medium brown wood, yellowish-white, to grey-brown color. Large and ring-pored, expressive grain, fine structure of annual rings.
• Hard and sturdy wood – Typical in the manufacture of wooden kitchen cabinets
• Surface treatments such as staining and painting to change color are possible


• Made of softwood.Light wood, yellowish to reddish-white colour
• Lively grain and structure with pronounced rings and knotholes
• Soft wood, easy to work with and weak to pressure.Surface treatments such as painting and staining possible


• Native wood of the walnut tree. Light brown to black-brown wood with a silky appearance
• Unmistakable grain with pronounced rings and fine stripe markings
• It is very resistant and robust and commonly used in kitchen furniture

Walnut goes well with: suitable for the rustic country homes as well as for a linear and trend in the kitchen; is more suitable for large eat-in kitchens than for small kitchens, as it makes them appear smaller

Birch Wood

• Very light wood, color spectrum from white to yellow, different colored lightings. Fine-pored with a fine structure
• Good to work with, typical wood in the manufacture of wooden kitchen cabinets
• Surface treatments such as coloring is possible

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