Metal Siding

metal siding

These days, installing siding is the preferred option for many homeowners when choosing house design. exterior cladding is widely used in homes because it is energy efficient. The heater is therefore cost for the cooling required. It is also resistant to fire. Metal connecting tracks are found in a number of varieties such as installing steel siding, corrugated iron and barn siding siding metal.


If you buy the cladding, it will be accompanied by a booklet about the installation instructions. The method for the metal clothing installation is more or less the same for the metal siding.


How To Install 


Preparing the wall to siding; the measurements of all the walls on which metal cladding must be installed. The measurements are made about the height of the steel siding. Now begins the preparation of the surface of the walls, so the final result after installation of metal is impressive. Check out for nails and if you ever, hammer them into the wall. If you find rotten piece of wood on the wall, replace it. Remove any old deposits of paint, putty or caulk from the wall. If a depression is formed on the wall, it must be filled with wedges.


The Installation Of Underlayment


Before installing the siding, an foil backing will be attached to the wall for proper installation. Choose a pad with perforations, so that the water in a plug can get to come. Fix the base to the walls. Particular attention should be paid to the corners of the walls and edges of adjacent all openings such as doors and windows. Make sure that all joints of the pad overlap with each other, at least up to two inches. When you have the task, it’s time to fix the siding with nails.


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