Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

manufacturers who offer wooden kitchens work with a wide variety of different models and species of wood. From the well known oak to fine walnut to bamboo. Each kind of has specific things such as color, grain or feel. There are also differences in terms of durability, hardness and price. But when does which wood come into question? Here you will find examples of the woods used in the wooden kitchen sector and details about their essential properties.

Which Wood Is Suitable For The Kitchen?

Since the selection of the right wood subsequently determines the character of your kitchen, it should be carefully considered. In practice, almost any wood can be used to form the cabinets, provided it has been treated accordingly and prepared for everyday use in the kitchen. For an environmentally friendly kitchen cabinet, local models of wood such as oak, spruce, beech or maple from sustainable forestry should be used, which have been awarded.

The furnishing style, the size of the budget and the durability of the wood are also important decision-making reasons. For example, not all wood is the first choice for a cabinet that is exposed to stresses such as moisture, heat, light, substances, abrasive or scratching items every day. Harder, less sensual and more robust woods such as oak, maple or beech are therefore more suitable for the productivity of heavily used wooden kitchens. For those who attach particular importance to an exclusive form, precious woods such as walnut or cherry are also an offer.

Best Wood For Kitchen Cabinets

Best Wood For Cabinets

Solid Wood Cabinets

With kitchens made of solid wood, just like with solid wood cabinets, all parts apart from the back wall and the drawer bottoms are made of only one kind of wood. However, when it comes to solid wood, only boards sawn from the tree trunk are used. Only particularly high- wood that has no knotholes, inclusions or cracks is used for solid wood kitchen cabinets. Kitchen furniture couldn’t be closer to origin, so it’s no wonder that you can also find organic furniture here. This organic wooden furniture is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. However, this also has its price. Because solid wood kitchen cabinets are much more complicated to produce than other kitchens. Instead, you are choosing a kitchen that not only does you good for yourself and nature, but that you can also enjoy for a long time.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

So-called old wood cabinets are relatively new on the industry. Wood that already has a previous life is used here. Some of the roof beams, floors, doors or similar that are hundreds of years old are operated. Of course, these woods are carefully checked and prepared before they shine as a new kitchen. The wood must be thermally treated by the carpenter to ensure that there is no pest infestation. Recycled wood kitchen cabinets not only have an individual charm, but also set new standards in upcycling, the refinement and recycling of apparent waste items. A kitchen can hardly be more sustainable and resource-saving. Since old wood kitchen cabinets are always unique, they are usually not available from large kitchen manufacturers. This is also reflected in the price, and kitchens made from reclaimed wood are usually found in the upper price category.

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