What Is The Spacing On Board And Batten Siding?

Siding is a building material that can be used to quickly give a home an attractive look with little work and money. Mainly, siding linings are used to renovate old but still quite solid buildings. The of the siding is very simple, it does not require careful preparation of the underlying surface, complex work skills and special tools.

At the same time, the of cladding by a hired team is 50-60% of the cost of products, which for a regular sized house. Self-execution savings. The same working process for a person who knows how to tinker with something but has started the siding for the first time takes 5-12 working days.

Recommended Combination

In addition, the completion of the house with siding already noticeably insulates. And it is possible and recommended to combine it with cladding work. At the same time, it’s greatly simplified and cheaper without sacrificing efficiency. With self-cladding with siding and insulation, the labor costs are reduced by at least half, fuel consumption for heating in winter is reduced by 25-35% in mid-latitudes, and electricity consumption in summer by 15-20%. Increase your last year’s spending on these budget items, appreciate the savings in money – you probably don’t need to make any heavier arguments for siding your home with your own hands.



About A Smooth Start

Sometimes, for design reasons, at the beginning of the cladding, the starting profiles are created first and the mounting surfaces of the corners are cut along them, as shown in the illustration below right. But such a method usually does not justify itself. The edges of the corners are almost invisible both at the top and bottom of the wall, and their tips, having no support, soon begin to warp and are now noticeable.

Siding Innovation

The material is made in strips, the width of which is 20-25 cm and the length of which is up to 4 m. Before you start cladding a house, it is a good thing to calculate the amount of material you will need to purchase. A preliminary calculation will help you save the amount of siding and not buy too much. Manufacturers of this material also offer for purchase the necessary products and fasteners that will be useful for cladding.

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