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How To Clean Board and Batten Siding?


The board and batten siding have large vertical plates. The gaps between these plates are narrow vertical parts covering them. This traditional wood veneer and cleaning style has been done for many years.

However, as in lap siding, board and batten siding need periodic paint. Before applying new paint, you must remove the previous one. There are new, environmentally friendly stripping products that make it easier to remove the paint, which prevents the old paint from sticking and decaying, rather than scraping wood that could it. Board and batten siding cleaning is a must before these applications.

After the Board and Batten Siding application, the dusty and dirty appearance may occur on the panels depending on the environmental and climatic conditions. To prevent this, at least once a year board and batten siding cleaning is required.

The board and batten siding available today requires constant maintenance, but they are not alone. All siding requires some care and cleaning to make it look clean and beautiful. However, any siding is equally maintenance-free.

There is no general cleaning and coating process that you can apply to all siding systems. For optimal maintenance on board and batten siding, for example, there are certain procedures and that will do the job correctly.

Our main topic is how to clean the board and batten siding? The procedures and to be made for the subject are as follows.

Pre-Cleaning Steps

  • All doors and windows should be closed.
  • Electrical equipment (lamps, etc.) located outside the building should be disconnected from the power supply.
  • Your goods and plants that may be affected by detergents or pressurized water should be covered.
  • Other used outside the building which may be damaged by cleaning solutions should be covered with protective material.

Cleaning Board and Batten Siding

Necessary materials:

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Water
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Sponge brush
  • Large Bucket (20 lt)
  • Hose
  • Pressure Washer (Optional)

Application Steps

  1. Stay up to 5 steps from the wall of your home.
  2. Fill the bucket with more than half the water and add ½ part liquid detergent.
  3. To remove stereotyped dirt, first soften the dirt with water and then start cleaning with detergent water using a long-handled brush.
  4. Press the end of the hose to spray water and wash the surfaces where dust and coarse dirt have been removed. If you have a pressurized machine or hose end equipment, you can do this more easily.
  5. Continue cleaning from the top to the bottom with the prepared solution and cleaning apparatus.
  6. Make sure that the soapy water does not dry on the surface.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 6 for each part of the building to complete your entire building facade cleaning.

The point is that you have to clean the bad places twice until the wood color appears. Take care to perform these operations in the spring, because cleaning may be difficult on very hot and very cold days due to weather conditions. Rinse the cleaned area when you are finished. If possible, allow to dry thoroughly and let the sun shine.

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