White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking for new and decorations? Here you will find everything to do with modern kitchens: kitchen worktops, kitchen suggestions with white and gold nuances for kitchen planning as well as kitchens from well-known manufacturers. The style combination of white and gold colors in the kitchen design with basic details and elements ensure tidiness in the kitchen.

Clear and Linear Model

The shiny, light fronts and the wall paneling and counter made of wood in oak ensure a nice ambience when cooking with family or friends. The handleless fronts in gold color characterize the clear and linear white decor. Who doesn’t know them, the classic white kitchen that fits into any room in a timeless and basic way?! This kitchen model is characterized by clarity and simplicity. The kitchen with a white-gold look is functional, simple and bright.

White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

White and Gold Design Ideas

Well Equipped White-Gold

All cupboard doors are equipped with handles above, annoying handles are a thing of the past. Thanks to the white wide pull-outs, your cooking and utensils can easily find their place. The high level of functionality is also evident when the white cupboards are opened. In this kitchen, gold elegance and high- swivel pull-outs await you in the cabinet and offer plenty of space for storing your provisions. Thanks to the swiveling shelves, you always have complete access to the entire space in the cabinet. White is the classic among the colors. Why? White always works, is timeless and can be easily combined with gold colors. Of course, this also applies to the kitchen – regardless of whether it is matt or glossy.

Great Charm

With modern decoration based on a like Scandinavian style, such as built-in gold elements in oak wood, then the result is a linear, tidy coziness that is second to none. The great division of white appliances and work surface in the L-shaped family kitchen has resulted in a better and at the same time functional dream kitchen. A special highlight: the tap in gold rounds off the timeless look perfectly, because small elements like these give this white kitchen its valuable charm.

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