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Anyone around here has been with me for some time, knows how much I like simple and versatile furniture in decoration. wood, especially pine, is an element that cannot be missing from the style of decoration I have. Also for those who remember, this IVAR cabinet was part of the combination it had in the of the previous house with the bookcase, but the choice of these items was, exactly, thinking about the various lives that I could give them, when I wanted to change the decoration. With the new house, that's exactly what I did and today that bookcase and cupboard gained new ways to decorate the spaces here at home. All of this was possible with the enormous help of @tintasbarbot, with their project #ficaremcasacombarbot, of which I was a part, with great pleasure! With this new reality, it is necessary to reinvent new forms of life, new forms of realization and none of this is synonymous with “stop”. A lot has changed, but there are things that are worth this change, like changing each one, without leaving it and everything with the new online store of @tintasbarbot. Changing can be fun and, in this case, easy! .
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