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A beautiful piece of art by the talented is displayed here in her home coupled with her brilliant coffee table vignette. The harmony here is no accident. While probably intuitive to Kristen, there are principles you can follow to create such beauty in your art, arrangements of accessories and furnishings. 1) Create UNITY with color, shape, line, form, scale, etc. 2) Add VARIETY in elements listed above. The RIGHT proportion of these elements creates a sense of HARMONY. Play with it until you FEEL the harmony! In addition to harmony, remember to feel a sense of balance and focal point. Here are just a few obvious things I see in the composition here: UNITY in color and shape (rectangles). VARIETY in form (sculpture vs. box, books, bowl). A more subtle element here is that of “line”. If you look closely, you’ll see the line in her artwork repeated in the veining on the marble box AND the line of the sculpture. I just LOVE a good composition! Did I BORE you with this??? Happy 4th in the USA and creating beauty everywhere!!!
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