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I woke up today feeling a little blah.. cloudy day.. messy house from the weekend.. no reason to get out of pjs (which I usually love but it might be getting a little old at this point). ? I cleaned my and added some decor to the shelf over my cooktop and instantly felt better! I get asked a lot how I keep my house so and of course I have systems and routines that help but really.. I just clean a lot! Not only because I love a clean house (I do!) but mostly because the process always makes me FEEL better. It’s like a fresh start every time I organize something or whip a room into shape. ? I needed that today! It’s so good to be home. ?? What is helping you get through this time at home? Sunshine, exercise and group calls with friends are my other major mood boosters! ☀️ #liketkit #ltkhome

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