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Do design and architecture really strive for timelessness, as everyone proudly says, or in fact (without noticing it ourselves) we began to prefer constant changes?

Some observations question the architects' desire to build “forever.” Although it is very natural, but does this desire correspond to a real request for the architecture of the future?

If we compare the city dweller with a resident of any of the past centuries, then the differences in the consciousness and perception of the city are obvious.

Previously, people lived all their lives in one place and had a weak idea of ​​the world. Therefore, they perceived the environment as something unconditional and unshakable. Home, street, district, city were a constant for a person. Static phenomenon.

Today we travel more and more, even if not in reality, then via the Internet. We have become much more accessible to different continents, cities and individual places that we can love without even having been there. We are less obsessed with the real place we are in. Each new generation is less and less seconds (!) Able to concentrate on one thing.

Almost a third of our lives are spent on screens, absorbing content in the form of frames, scattered or mounted in the video. It has become so familiar to our perception that now even dreams have changed their structure and unfold in the form of montage, like in a movie. Have you noticed?

This is already reflected in the architecture. When a single building from different angles produces the effect of different buildings. It’s as if there is an overlay in this place that gives a constant change of impression. Such, for example, the popular opera in Sydney.

All this leads to the fact that in the future cities will meet the requirements of “mounted perception”. The value will be the change itself. Not before / after, but the fact that there are changes – as with the scenery.

This, of course, changes the attitude towards architecture as something eternal, and many people will not like this idea now. An inconvenient and ugly thought, especially against the background of all the radiant and correct conversations about the environment.

But here is a case in point, returning to reality – Rem Koolhaas Dance Theater. In 1987, it was a building that glorified the architect and published thousands of times. Already in 2010, Koolhaas himself >>>

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