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The entrance hall is the place of the first impression of the house.

We are always happy when our customers do not force us to crumple and squeeze this space, fencing it off from the general area and light.

The first impression cannot be “replayed”, it will continue to influence the attitude to the place at the level of instinct.

A new place today – a new chapter in our acquaintance with you – the interior project “AM House”

The contrast of textures – and noble tone of wood – immediately attracts attention.
It is mesmerizing how the light falls carelessly and revives ideal geometry with reflexes. As on a thin stretched thread, the lamps are balanced and several twigs plucked out right there near the house are emitted.

On these angles, geometry literally dominates. It organizes the relationships of all elements of space and makes the external simplicity so attractive.

Artyom's words that there can be no random lines are key. This is how it works, “secret ingredient” if you like]

A sense of geometry, as a kind of spatial intuition, over the years becomes part of the personality of the architect.

This superpower is not as cool as “see through walls”, but also quite nothing]]

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