Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Compared to any other room in a house, the is arguably the most important place to gather with friends and family. And these days, cooking spaces with country charm are even more irresistible. But how do you add this coveted cabinets to your existing space? Luckily, the farmhouse kitchen concept is very malleable — it can feel clean and minimalist and colorful, or traditional. You can decide how rural you want it to be. Let these beautiful examples whet your appetite for creating a beautiful inspired kitchen. You can choose from a wide range of variants and kitchen cabinets. With the variety of models, equipments, colors, surfaces and possible combinations, you can come very close to your dream. Here you find exactly the country kitchen cabinet that really inspires you.

Solid Cabinet

At first glance, solid appears timelessly elegant. When opening the calm, handle-free fronts, a high-quality solid wood edge becomes visible, which also gives the range a lot of the expression of solid craftsmanship. The fronts consist of a laminated wooden core with anti-print in black or white, the surrounding edges are made of solid oak. With its restraint, solid can be consistently planned for living and integrated into different designs.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Cabinets Ideas

Colorful and Versatile Country

A island covered in reclaimed wood, raw beams on the ceiling, and tons of colorful accents add charm to this one. Another feature worth noting is the durable concrete floor that can be used in all kinds of spaces from rustic to contemporary.

Red and White Country

Simple shaker model cabinets are great for country-inspired kitchens, as shown in red and white. Cooking cabinet – The black and white checkered bottom is a great feature that adds vintage flair. The farmhouse-inspired beadboard island takes the revolutional edge of the stainless steel stove hood. The barn’s red walls add a big touch of room-warming color.

Elegant Country

Two-tone furniture anchors this bespoke country by bakers. The wooden base cabinets give off a country feel without being overly rustic. A sophisticated farmhouse touch is created over a crisp backsplash of subway tiles and nice cabinets. Every chef appreciates a large sink. Here a porcelain sink adds a beautiful feature. The crowning jewel in this space is the vintage-inspired cast iron stove, which would have been right at home on the range.

Rustic Roughly Hewn Country Furniture

Nothing says country like beautiful handcrafted cabinets and paneled walls of roughly hewn wood. Farmers used reclaimed barn wood throughout the space for a decidedly rustic appearance. The rest of the kitchen equipment is new. However, a few items such as the brand new oil rubbed bronze sink and faucet set were both chosen for their old fashioned, country appearance. Another fabulous feature is the butcher block worktop which is protected by a watertight seal. The wood finish is a nice variant to more expensive elements like stone, which wouldn’t feel as warm to the touch in a country-inspired cooking space.

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