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All of you that have followed our stories know that the cedar finishing decision on this home was lengthy and challenging. Whenever we are working with a natural, stunningly beautiful product, like this clear cedar, we want to make sure to honor the material and it’s unique characteristics. In this case, the tonal variation is what makes clear cedar so incredible to look at. Our normal go-to would have been an oil-based penetrating stain. Our reservation with that option, was the fact that this material is to be used inside the home as well, and the amber tone of oil didn’t fit with the rest of the interior finishes. We reluctantly began looking at water-based options, and finally landed on this. Most semi-transparent water-based options blot out way too much of the natural tonal variation and grain but this butternut color by @permachinksystems seemed to be the perfect option. The system requires two coats of stain and one coat of clear (satin). The clear coat is your layer, a periodic scuff sand and brushed application of clear should keep this wood looking beautiful for years to come. We back-sealed the wood and sealed all edges and cut ends. The profile is a ship-lap with an 1/8” reveal. The siding should be stable and the finish long-lasting with the wood installed over battens/furring, and a nice drying/drainage space behind the boards. The windows were jammed out with 24 gauge, hemmed L profile metal to deal with the thickness of this cladding assembly. #architecturaldetails

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