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Every time we visit a past project, we like to do a little walk-around and walk-through to see how our work, sub work, materials, details, etc are performing. Since we are pushing some details that aren’t common in our area (yet) this is an important final step. I am overly impressed with the performance so far of this open joint rain screen. This was installed in the heat of the summer and now has been exposed to cold and snow since October. Honestly, it looks just as good as the day we installed it. Not one board has moved, nothing cupped, minimal to no checking on the exposed ends on the outside corners. The details are: Delta Fassade S uv stable weather resistive barrier with 1×3 battens installed vertically on studs, and the horizontal tight-knot inland cedar installed over top of the battens. Windows were jammed out with a black 24 gauge L profile. The cedar battens were finished black pre- and the cladding was finished with a penetrating oil on all sides pre-install. Cut ends were coated as we installed. We see a lot of shiplap tight knot cedar used in our market, hardly ever installed over a rain screen, and it usually has a few warped boards in this same period of time. #buildbetter #keepcraftalive

Thank you @ trimbach_builders for this awesome picture

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