Modern Bathroom from Driven By Decor | Kris 3230

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Here’s where we’re at! Our shower fixtures were installed over the weekend and I ❤️ them! I had gone back and forth about adding a handheld shower head and ended up going for it (mainly because it makes cleaning the shower so much easier!). I put it on a simple hook instead of a slide bar and I’m loving the more lined look doing it this way! And I’m still ogling my pretty shampoo bottle niche and shaving niche on the daily ?. This week is all about getting the room painted (I decided to go with Chantilly Lace) and putting the lights and outlets in. Then it will be time for the vanity, toilet, and tub! ?? Stay tuned… (Shower tile is Walker Zanger Bianco Bello – all other sources are linked in my update post – it’s the second post from the top on

Thank you @ drivenbydecor for this awesome picture

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