Mantle Decor Ideas

Fascinating Mantle Design Ideas

Today was one for the books! This morning there was so much anticipation for launching the pampas and we seriously had no idea how it would go. We were stoked if we sold even half so to see all of them gone in 30 minutes we were both mind blown! I wish you could’ve been in the room because it felt so chaotic but exciting at the same time. ??? Sam was working on emails and some back end stuff on the website and we were both yelling “babe message this person! Wait get back to this email! Another order just came in!” _

You know that feeling after your body is rushed with so much excitement that you want to crash? That’s how we were feeling after everything but then we finished the day going to our shop to continue working on some orders and some of the custom projects we have going on ?


We are ending the night with very full hearts and lots of chips and salsa for me ? That’s what I do to reward myself. Don’t judge ?

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