Mantle Decor Ideas

Stunning Mantle Design Ideas

Hello and ?Happy Friday!? Wow this week went fast! I literally feel like I’ve lost a couple of days in there somewhere. ? I spent the day with my grandson yesterday…you guys…we have an official walker!!! (Actually more like a runner!?) He’s been taking steps for a bit now but his preferred method of transportation is on two feet now and boy can he move! He looks so cute toddling around, carefully going around corners and then all of a sudden throws it into second gear!!? What in the …??? I personally don’t think he’s mastered first gear enough to all of a sudden hit second. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a stroke before this stage is up. I’m thinking of heading to Home Depot to get some bubble wrap. That should help my nerves until he masters running! I swear I don’t remember being this cautious when my boys were little. My boys are all two years apart and in all we’ve only had 1 bone fracture and 2 sets of stitches while they were growing up. Those aren’t bad odds if you think about it and yet I want bubble wrap my grandson…what has happened to me? Oh and back to my initial comment about feeling like I lost a couple of days…I’m pretty sure I just figured out why.?
Have a wonderful weekend friends and let’s keep it in first gear!

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