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AD Morning lovelies, I hope you’re doing ok this morning? For want of something better to do I’ve had a little reshuffle in the in an effort to do a little baby proofing. I can’t quite bear to deconstruct it completely yet so I’ll probably end up moving things in the morning and putting them back when Teddy and his grabby hands go to bed! I was kindly sent the grey footstool by @cotswoldco as part of my ongoing brand ambassadorship, I love the way it blends with the pinks and neutrals in this room. I wonder if I’ll ever get over my pink and grey fetish (no other word for it!)? Excuse Molly’s shaggy hair, she’s in desperate need of a trim but I’m dreading getting the clippers out. Has anyone attempted a dog groom yet?! ?✂️ #livingroom #livingroominspo #livingroomdecor #livingroomdesign #livingroomideas #livingroomdetails #livingroominterior #livingroominspiration (@cotswoldco footstool and basket gifted, pink upholstery discounted)

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