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What are you all doing for Easter this year? How are you going to make it “normal” or as close to it as possible, for your families? Will the Easter bunny be hiding eggs and leaving treats behind for the kids? Will you still be cooking an Easter feast for dinner? Will you attend virtual mass? I think we will be doing all of the above! Luckily I have stocked up on plastic eggs over the years, and thought ahead to purchase a few small trinkets and chocolates for my boys prior to our stay at home order. So on Easter morning, all will be “normal” here. We will make a nice dinner and sit at our dining room table as a family, as we would have been doing with our extended family if this pandemic wasn’t happening. This year, since there were no public egg hunts or pictures with the Easter bunny, he will be making his rounds through our town on a truck on Saturday, waving to kids as they stand by their front doors. No matter what your plans are in your neck of the woods, I wish you all a happy and healthy Easter! .
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