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Very comfortable porch] For cats? ?

Seats are always busy here. ⠀

The chest is old from my grandmother’s dacha, it was originally blue, but it was damaged during a here on the veranda. The fire was a couple of years ago in winter, all the furniture burned, including an old mirror that hung over the chest. The chest almost survived, only the sidewall was very charred, so I had to update it and paint it. And the mirror frame burned out completely, I had to invent a new one] ⠀

Boards, platbands, paint and a mirror to order the right size – and the picture has developed] ⠀

Someone writes that it does not suit me in style ? Maybe, but this is my porch and my mirror, they completely suit me ? ⠀

The wall of the house was also very charred then, but we sanded it and covered it again with oil, swept over the tracks, we can say] ⠀

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