2023 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

White, whether matt or high-gloss, was the most chosen color in cabinets for a long time. You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen cabinet and you’ll never tire of looking at it for years. In the meantime, however, the trend is clearly towards more color. Depending on the kitchen, the palette ranges from light and warm colors and to dark colors such as anthracite, black or grey. And more and more often, especially in the new kitchen, colorful eye-catchers made of bright red, pink or yellow can be used. A new, fresh wall color for the is another, quickly realizable possibility to redesign the cooking area in a new and tasteful way. Let yourself be inspired and use our tips on color palette to find the right kitchen cabinet color in 2023 for you.

First and foremost, your own taste decides on the color of the kitchen cabinet. It should have a good influence on the cooking times and create an appetizing mood. But the model of the kitchen also has an influence on the color. Once you’ve decided how you want to set up your new kitchen, it’s time to think about the interaction of fronts and wall color. In a kitchen, light colors such as white and cream are trend. The walls could definitely use a little splash of color. In the country house, gray or black can be used in addition to tones. Pastel colors such as light blue or green also go extremely well with this kitchen cabinets. The more colorful the fronts, the more subtle the wall of the kitchen should be. Comfortable elements such as and as well as designs and colors are a part of the style kitchen.

2023 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

2023 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Gray Competes With White

The color gray is clearly gaining ground in the kitchen cabinets. Hardly any manufacturer does without this kitchen color in its range. Both in the concrete kitchens, for which gray in all imaginable shades plays the leading role, as well as in all other kitchen cabinets. With the industrial ones, which relies on rough and sober elements, it is good to stick to the muted color variant: grey, white and black usually. Colors like teal, dark blue or dark brown also go well with this rough models. If you like it really colorful and like to experiment, kitchen cabinets in a colorful art deco with their eye-catching furnishings are the right thing for you. Loud colors like pink or bright red make the kitchen look fresh and lively.

Combine Colors Correctly

There are endless possibilities and usually a color matches its neighbor on the color wheel. All colors go well with white kitchen cabinets, with walls in pastel ones, a white kitchen quickly loses its sterility. Wooden kitchens tolerate cozy colors. The wall colors red and yellow go well with the gray concrete kitchen cabinets. If a dining area is integrated into the kitchen, an additional color can conjure up a flair. You don’t want to combine a lot of color games in your kitchen? Then combine a color like gray or beige with something colorful. Be careful when combining bright colors with dark and rather old-fashioned kitchen cabinet: it quickly looks ugly. Too much red is also disadvantageous.

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