Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

No matter how good the relationship with the neighbors may be, nobody wants to sit on the platter all the time. Especially in the garden you have many chances to set up nice boundaries to the neighbors. A selection.

Hiding Behind High Hedges Is Easy

Have you moved and would you like to spend undisturbed moments in the garden of your new home? The privacy screen par excellence is of course the hedge. Here you have a variety of plants to choose from. The evergreen thuja, also known as the tree of life, is well known. It is robust, easy to care for and survives several generations. In its homeland of North America, there are some specimens that are more than a thousand years old. This hedge grows quickly and should therefore be trimmed once or twice a year.

Let Grass Grow Between You

If a hedge doesn’t suit your new home, just let grass grow between you and the prying eyes of others. Chinese reed, for example, is very suitable. The hardy plant grows up to 3 m high and is available in different varieties. Since it loves moisture, it feels particularly at home at the edge of a garden pond. Planted in pots, it can also be used as a privacy screen for the terrace.

Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

Neighbors Privacy Screen Ideas

The Umbrella Bamboo

The umbrella bamboo, which is also very vigorous, spreads a Far Eastern flair. It quickly grows up to 3 m high and gives you more privacy. There are different of umbrella bamboo. Choose a species that does not shape rhizomes, otherwise you will quickly have more opaque bamboo walls in your garden than you would like. The horsetail is actually a pond plant, but thanks to its height of about 1.50 m it is also suitable as a nice demarcation from the neighbors. Its straight stature and appearance go well with design. To prevent the vigorous plant from spreading to the rest of the garden, it is good to plant horsetail in pots that are placed close together.

Let The Flowers Do The Talking In Bunches

Large, flowering shrubs are beautiful to look at and also a great privacy screen. The luxuriously blooming rhododendron, for example, is a trend. If you choose rhododendrons, you will be spoiled for choice as there are more than a thousand different species. It is good to ask your garden expert shop which variety of the evergreen plant is suited as a privacy screen. Hydrangeas are also pretty, panicle hydrangeas are particularly suitable because they grow taller than other species. In addition, you will not lose your abundance of flowers if you cut back. Hibiscus, also known as garden marshmallow, is good as a hedge flower. Its large flowers in white, red or violet are eye-catchers. A privacy screen that not only flutters the eyes, but also the nose is lilac. The bushes can grow up to 4 m high and bewitch you with their wonderfully fragrant flowers between Spring and Summer.

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