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When looking back to your past what is it that you miss having so much? For me is having my kids at home. Empty nest is a stage in life that we will never be prepared even when we try. In 2011 my daughter got married and I was still getting used to the idea that she wasn’t home (even when she lived like 10 minutes away from home back then ?) when 8 months later my son got into a car accident and after a week in intensive care he left us for ever and went to heaven. The most painful experience in my life. I miss him so much. So in 8 months my nest was totally empty. I miss having them at home but Im thankful for that stage of my life and all the great memories we built together so I can look back and smile because those special moments. Now Im enjoying my new season as a grandma and so ready to meet my second grandchild soon as I continue to built great memories with my daughter, my son in love and my grandkids. I encourage you to enjoy every season, every moment because those moments will become memories and you want to have those to enjoy when looking back to that stage that is not longer happening Well I guess I opened my heart ❤️ to you guys today a little bit more than usual .

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