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In English below / How many different are there? I counted 7. Can this be called minimalism?
And in general, what is minimalism and where is the line that distinguishes it from non-minimalism? There are 7 different and textures on this frame, but in my opinion, it is still minimalistic.
That is, the point is not in the amount of materials in one room. Then what, colors? Rather, yes, look, all the colors here are muffled and in harmony, not one of them knocks out and pulls the blanket over itself.
And of course, the forms of objects influence the feeling of minimalism in the interior. Here they are simple and clear, here is a cube, here is a cylinder.

What do you think about this? Can minimalism be layered and complex? Or is it when everything is square and white?

What is minimalism in the interior?
For example, here we see about 7 different materials, but the interior looks minimalistic. So minimalism is not necessarily when everything is white and square.
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