Modern Living Room Design

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Good morning As you know, I have already been on my feet for 7, I just finished shopping at ikea and obi, I come back home quickly, eating and Karol and I take the most enjoyable way of dating – that is wallpapering ? This will be our debut, we have two rollers, nothing can happen to waste because in case we do not have a supply. I know that someone could do this to us but I would not like to pay for something that I can do myself, the more that every other person here paints, wallpapers – you raise the bar – accepts a thrown glove;) If it goes well, maybe tomorrow we can do it some new photos, I admit I don't have time for it at all. If it fails tomorrow, it is still Monday, I have a home office and opportunities to use the sun at home;) If it will be ??

As for home repairs, I certainly could not cope with plumbing, electrics in the apartment; I have always put together furniture (not only from IKEA), I have already painted the walls. It would still be useful to learn how to lay hehe panels and tiles but maybe in the next apartment;) Dad would be proud of me, after all, he is a handyman, you have to hold the level, right? Let there be no shame Hejeh;)


Thank you @ love_my_home_pl for this Great picture

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