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We did a little rug switcheroo in here! ? Instead of the Saltillo rug, we now have the gorgeous Lone Star Belle which you previously saw in my bedroom, and the Saltillo rug is now in my bedroom (and btw, all my rugs are still on sale at Walmart!) Tomorrow, if I can get my act together ?, I’ll show you how the Saltillo rug looks in our bedroom. It currently is the serving as the staging area for our luggage and sanitizing supplies, but I’ll try to snap a pic as we are rolling out to the airport tomorrow!? Head to my stories where I’m updating you on a few things and included a link to my newly updated Home Tour! ?? After nearly two years, I went through and updated all the links, information, and pictures in my home tour over on This will be the best place to get ALL the info you could possibly want about my house/products! Have a great night! ?Head to my stories for all sources!! Or click the link in my bio!!

Thank you @ mytexashouse for this Stunning picture

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