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I found a great way to drink sugar-free coffee?☕
It's actually a coincidence, but it really works. ?
Well … with your coffee I recommend you eat a cube of dark chocolate. I prefer the one with the addition of oranges, but if someone likes plain bitter, it's even better. Immediately the coffee tends to be milder and sweeter even though it is not sweetened. And I add less and less milk to each subsequent one, until I finally get off it completely, because I do not know if you know, but coffee with milk is difficult to digest and is treated by our body as a meal. Well, I still have a feeling of tight stomach and heaviness, but I like its taste and it is sometimes stronger than sense. However, I am going to minimize this milk but with it also slowly ?
You can get to good eating habits in small steps and I stick to that. I recently watched an interesting video on YT of a girl (I had the impression of being very conscious) who said something with which I immediately identified, namely that the changes we introduce to our lives to lose weight and make it healthy must be such that we can practice them forever. Therefore, taking supplements, fat burners, reducing diets, backbreaking workouts, or still denying yourself pleasure at the very beginning of the way to the dream state of our body and spirit does not make sense. Because in the long run, we will not be able to function like this without harming our health, be it physical or mental. And I have it in my head all the time and believe that it is the key of any change. That you just have to adjust it to your abilities ? And add further stages over time when you are ready for it.
Well, as always, I talked about but I know that if I write something down and then come back to it, I will be reminded of my emotions and it will motivate me again. ?
And now I am finishing and I wish you a tasty coffee because it's about time for a southern dose of caffeine ?
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