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Today’s Intention: create a home that truly serves me and my family. Do you look at your home that way? A place that should serve you? An expression of yourself? Sharing a little peek on this Friday evening into a space that does just that. When I’m here I feel warm, relaxed, welcomed, supported and I love that I’m surrounded by elements from nature, lots of light and layers upon layers of and natural texture. It’s an invitation to let go of everything else and stay awhile. The bottom line is we feel good when we’re in this space and that is always the ultimate goal for me! Especially during this time. Now more than ever we need to find ways to ignite our senses and create peace and security within our homes. I recently added this new rug from @ilibehome and I love how it’s pulled the room together in a way that completely aligns with my intention for the space. Thank you @ilibehome ✨✨✨

And someone recently asked me what dog bed I have for Lola.. you’re looking at it right here ?. She’s happiest being where we are and that makes me happiest. ♥️♥️

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