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Striving for constancy and avoiding instability is a healthy function of our brain. For him, predictability = security.

It's funny, but at the same time, the most constant in our world is change) And the current situation clearly illustrates: the one who is best suited for them survives and develops.

Our companies, buildings and cities need to become more flexible and varied. systems created by people should be able to adapt to circumstances. Following the example of how our own body does it.

At a minimum, you can stop spending huge resources on temporary tasks.

If the production of disposable clothing is unreasonable, then the construction of a disposable stadium for hundreds of thousands of spectators is barbarism and idiocy.

Just imagine what a huge amount of effort, cost, resources and logistics are needed to build an Olympic facility. The carbon footprint from it can be inherited by the great-grandchildren.

But all of them are really conditionally disposable.
These colossals of terrible proportions, remaining after the next Olympic Games, hardly serve the city and, to be honest, they rarely find real use.

So why not build a temporary stadium?

Which, for example, can be disassembled and transported to the next Olympics. Or distribute in parts to small cities for further exploitation. Technology has grown to this.

Consciousness has not grown.

The climate is changing, nature is increasingly arranging surprises for us. But the cities are completely unprepared for them. Our infrastructure is too inflexible. The same territories are being flooded again and again, and we are again and again rolling the ground into asphalt.

Maybe it's time to stop perceiving nature as a challenge and fight it? Maybe we will finally mature (and the current extraordinary situation will help us in this) in order to begin to listen to nature, learn from it, how to become more flexible ourselves and make our systems more flexible?

So that the next change does not turn into a disaster for us …

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