Modern Interior Design Ideas

Great Ideas

Customers threw things for the sake of design and we are proud of them.

In an interview, I said that we are against daily feats for the sake of beauty. This is so and there is no contradiction)

Tolerate inconvenience for the sake of an abstract beautiful picture
to step towards a new of life, conscious consumption, where “less is more” in the real sense of these words are completely different things.

How did all this happen?

It happens that the configuration of the object dictates to us a clear or / or even if you turned inside out and used every centimeter.

No magic. It accommodates either a welcome dressing room or a spacious common area. Breaking a head for a week, we decided that it would be more honest to provide a choice to customers.

They approached the issue very consciously. We went to the object and made markings on the floor directly according to the layout options. The drawing is one thing, and to feel in reality how much space is obtained in each zone is very useful, especially in a situation of difficult choice.

At the facility, having “lived” within the boundaries of the wall lines, it became clear that the common area – the main space for life – is more important and we agreed on an open layout.

The visualizations clearly showed HOW it was the right choice!

We met for the presentation of the concept and at some point showed alternative areas for storing things and suitcases (there were worries about them). And the customer answered, smiling that she had already got rid of them)

Probably not everyone will understand the depth of emotions that we actually experienced at that moment.

It's not that you make beauty selfish, for yourself and your portfolio, scoring on people's comfort.

It’s about the fact that thanks to your work, people take a step in the direction of what they might not have thought much about before.

Your values ​​become close to them.

And you know for sure that they will feel good in this space, because they allowed you to give all your best.

These are unreal feelings!

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