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Temps are getting consistently warmer, the snow is melting, and I am SO excited to be able to get outside and enjoy this patio again in hopefully a month or two ? sadly yesterday we attended the funeral of our neighbor who lived in the house on the other side of the fence. She was so excited to have young neighbors and she became a friend, even though we had a 50+ year age difference. She knew more about me than any of our other neighbors and I heard countless hours of life stories from her… even though I often didn’t have the time to listen, I made time for her. She was sassy and snarky and not afraid to tell things as she saw them. And I was sassy right back because I knew that’s what she wanted- to be seen as a friend, not the old lady next door. She also used to say “you live such an exciting life!” and I thought that was so funny because we really don’t ? but she left her house maybe twice a month and rarely had visitors, so I think she loved hearing our stories of traveling, camping, house projects, work, and weekends spent with friends. She particularly loved this pergola and fence- she was very hesitant at first and not afraid to say so- but when it was up she just gushed about it. So this summer when we’re enjoying dinner under the lights, we’ll raise our glasses to June, our neighbor and friend who forced us to slow down a little and remember that in the end, it’s not the material things but the relationships that matter in life ✨

Thank you @ simaspaces for this Stunning picture

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