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While I was throwing myself inside the house, there were two things that I could not let myself down during the pandemic. somebody is a book and yes it is time to confess? the other is my phone? I did not have to deal with this phone in normal time, but this pandemic has disrupted me in this direction. Now when I made an account, I finished 6 books during the pandemic??‍♀️ and not the fast-going novel style, they were all heavy books that had to be digested for min 300 pages. Moreover, it was not in a hurry to have finished, somehow I had plenty of time, I bought one, read it, then I left it heavy, I took the other, then the other. Then I looked at 6 of them already. Yes, I am proud of myself about this, I would not feel good if I had never read a book and always played on the phone and finished a pandem. Of course this is my experience, maybe you have never read a book and you feel good, it is also beautiful? Just like everyone feels good after all?? it is important to find the balance in yourself. So how is your balance right now? heyheys on top of you? Hey hey bey how are you? mode on? ? •

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