Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Stunning Ideas

A very atmospheric short movie plays in my head every time I look at this angle:

Here the morning sun gently breaks into the room with long oblique rays, gets confused in the olive leaves, gently glare and plays in the shadows. Once you open the window and close your eyes, you are already taking a deep breath on the cool terrace.

And then a peaceful day frames the life of the hosts. Natural light and white tone give freshness to the face and thoughts. Later twilight gently creeps in, turn on dim lights.

Here is the evening. Now new shadows are creeping along the corrugated wall – these are the petals of in the fireplace – a special kind of evening meditation …

It is amazing how “classical”, in the good sense of the word, we got a sense of space here.

The feeling of a spacious “palace hall”, a premium boutique in a European town. Of those that occupy beautiful old buildings with high ceilings and delightfully and carefully enter the there.

This is the female part of the space in the bedroom, but without the obvious languid boudoir details.

On the contrary. There is a light background, almost strict lines and perfect proportions. The dressing table can only be guessed, but add the “her” silhouette here and you will understand everything] Thin high frames are created to frame the natural beauty of female outlines, femininity itself.

It would seem that there are several lines, but how much restraint and nobility are in them, how many bewitching promises

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