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[M I N I M A L I Z M]

When we planned the interior of the future apartment, this is what I wanted, a minimum of furniture and especially decor, a lot of space and air. The only thing I planned is a couple of posters and a vase of pampas grass. All
What then was in my head and whom I tried to deceive, I do not know, but now it’s clear, like a white day, that it’s not mine?
For the sake of decency, for some time after the move I assured myself and others that everything would remain, that I don’t need any excesses, empty shelves are the norm, bare walls are fine, and on the sly I bribed pillows, baskets and frames?
The period of self-deception is over, nature has taken its toll, the house is gradually being filled with “excesses”, and the time for dusting is increased. And okay, think about the little things I'm patient?
I think that I don’t threaten to become a cloakroom, and I’m almost sure that I will stop as soon as I consider the house inhabited enough.
In the meantime, I always want to add life here and there?
Which side are you on? For minimalism, or like me, cover the blanket with a plaid? ?
In fairness, I met wildly cozy minimalistic interiors, I just don’t know how to do it myself?

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