Modern Bedroom Design

Inspiring Decor Ideas

Our Client @ryanpettera wants his to be and Futuristic . The theme is to play with shelves with a modern touch to bed and flooring with future Posters. At the same time the place should give a feel of bedroom else it will look like a studio . He has a great Lian-Li case and wants us to do the cable management . Lighting fixtures are all done in Blue and Purple to maintain the Calm and take his scores to the next level .
We have used Hexalights instead of nanoleafs this time as it was getting a proper match with the shelves . Blessed to design for him with the likes of @anjasputr our Talented 3D artist .
DM us and get your room designed (we have a fixed rate).
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Thank you @ dopegamingsetup for this Stunning picture

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