Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

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Things I’ve spent more time with since lockdown………..
1) Walls
2) Wine
3) Joe Wicks
4) All of the BBC news presenters
5) My phone
6) This bath
Think this is my 5th bath in 2 weeks. The luxury! Of course, I normally end up being joined by a kid (or 3) a few boats, some ducks and an octopus but still feeling pretty darn lucky.
This one was all mine though, I even nicked one of Dottie’s @lush bath bombs. Just been online to order her another and it’s closed. Terrified of the wrath of a bath bomb obsessed and possessive 4 yr old because trust me, she’ll know ??. Any good alternatives suggestions?
Have a great slash same day folks ? .
Oh and for anyone interested, I found my self a really rather awesome bath mat! I’ve been holding off having one for yonks because ya know, I spent a fortune on the tiles and really rather like them. But I also value my coccyx and wrists and don’t fancy a hospital visit any time soon.
It’s from @shopmatalan (I have a partnership with them but this was bought with my own Earth nuggets, I seem to have influenced myself a lot over the past few months ?).
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