Mantle Decor Ideas

Great Mantle Design Ideas

Fun fact about me: I have a highly confrontational, “my name is Karen, and I need to speak to a manager ASAP” side that I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily proud of, but I am certainly not afraid to use when greeted with any type of bad service ☝? I write reviews, I blast emails to corporate, I send food back, and I talk to managers, because if you’re giving bad service in a service role, you need to find a new role. Before you call me a you know what – also know that I go out of my way to recognize any good service, because we live in a world where that gets easily overlooked! Anyways, you all can likely imagine my response when my new @westelm table recently got pushed back another month ? people, I ordered this table in the beginning of March, and I now have a late September ship date – I am not OK (and neither is the West Elm rep that had to deal with me on the phone ?). This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have plans for our current table – which involve a much needed relocation that will transform our main level ? until then, here she sits. There’s a definite chance we’ll have a baby in our house before we have our new table ??‍♀️ pray for me ??
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