Mantle Decor Ideas

Fascinating Mantle Design Ideas

Did you guys catch our stories and hear about what the biggest issue is in our marriage? Yup you guessed it right..WHAT WE KEEP OUR TEMPERATURE ON IN OUR PLACE! Sam and I could not be more opposite and it has caused quite a few disagreements ? I prefer it to be between 68-70 and Sam would like to keep it on 75! ? Nooo way. Where do you stand on this issue and what do you typically keep your temperature set at?! _

Also I’m proud to say that all of our plant babies are still alive and doing well so far ?? If you aren’t following our friends @plantbarvb just yet you absolutely need to! They are a local business to the Virginia Beach area and they just recently started offering shipping for their plants and planters! ? annnnd they are having a sale starting tomorrow at 10am on their website! Get your online carts ready because it’s going to be a good one! ? ???? I’m thinking we need to do another giveaway with them soon ?☺️

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