How To Clean Stone Fireplace

A burning fireplace with cladding always exudes a very nice aura. The appearance of naturally grown stove cladding such as fireplace radiates a pleasant warmth even without a blazing fire in the chamber. Each natural stone is unique, since the stone has grown differently from nature. In addition, natural stone is a nice storage that absorbs the heat during combustion in the stove. Many well-known fireplace manufacturers have also recognized this and incorporated it into their products.

How Do You Properly Fireplace Stone?

Normally, cladding on stoves is easy to clean. As a rule, it is sufficient to the fireplace with a damp cloth. In this way, for example, dust is removed from the surface. If you want to clean elements like firestone, you have to act quickly, especially with damp stains. Liquids can penetrate quickly and if in doubt, a layer must be removed with sandpaper. However, sometimes it is not just dust that affects the appearance of the stone, which is why it may be necessary to use cleaning products.

How To Clean Stone Fireplace

How To Stone Fireplace

Here the mistake is very often made of using soaps or washing-up liquid, since they are supposedly not very good for a wide variety of elements. However, washing-up liquid and soap are not recommended for cleaning firestone. Soap and other home remedies of this kind can leave a film that gives the stone an oily sheen or even unwanted discoloration. Furthermore, firestone cleaning with household cleaners should be avoided at all costs. We are talking about all-purpose or bathroom cleaners and vinegar. These are usually acidic and therefore unsuitable for firestone. This could irreversibly the stone cladding of the storage heating stove.

So that impurities can be reliably removed from the fires stone cladding and the stone is not damaged in the process, it is advisable to use a suitable, stone cleaner. For example, a natural stone cleaner offers the good cleaning performance without damaging the stone. It is simply applied to the stain and worked in with a sponge. Then leave the cleaner on for a few minutes and then wash off thoroughly with a cloth and water. It should be noted beforehand that the stove and the firestone cladding have cooled down to room temperature before they are treated with the cleaner.

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