Feet for a Cutting Board

The large maple chopping board is your very best utensil for every occasion and every meal. A wooden chopping board not only feels good, it is also gentler on your knife. The beveled edges provide a remarkable eye-catcher and give the cutting board its excellent style. Each board is sanded several times and then finished with vegan oil. The non-slip feet ensure a secure stand.

Antibacterial & Hygienic

is antibacterial. The wood kills germs by itself, so to speak, because it has an antibacterial side. Wood is equipped with tannic acid, which has a germ-killing tool. The tannic acid is released with every new cut mark in the cutting board, so that germs have no chance of settling in the wood. The high- solid wood cutting boards are genuine products. Each board is unique in its structure and color. Fine knots, adhesions and enemas testify to the authenticity of the element. Characterized by the place of the tree, the weather and soil conditions.

Feet for a Cutting Board

Feet for a Cutting Board

Secure Hold When Cutting

Four rubber feet on which the board stands ensure a secure hold when cutting. These have an anti-slip and provide stability. In addition, the high dead weight of around 5 kg ensures a secure footing.

Protects Your Knife Blade

The beech used has a high density, which means that there are only a few cutting marks on the board. In addition, the surface is durable and protects your knife blades.

Noble and Material

The cutting board is made of finger-jointed beech. Each board is unique because the grain is always slightly different. The beech used has antibacterial properties and is already pre-treated with saliva-proof oil.

Family Business

In our family-run with over 30 years of experience in the sector we put all our knowledge into the development and production of kitchen accessories. It is important to us that we always harmonize our quality requirements with everyday design. So that you can enjoy your breakfast board and the engraving for a long time, please do not it in the dishwasher. Wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. The search for gift ideas is over. Personalized gifts that match the hobby are always a good gift idea. Suitable as a gift or souvenir for so many occasions: birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve, christenings, youth consecration, Father’s Day or as a farewell.

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