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When I saw this sign, I knew it was made to hang in my living room.

This house is a revolving door! It always has been. Friends and family are constantly coming and going, and they know that they are always welcome here.

I can’t help but get a little bitter every time I look at it. I’ve considered taking it down, but instead I decided to leave it as a reminder of how full our home was before—and will be again.

Last night, I reached out to a friend and cried out “I’m growing weary!” She is a rock and voice of reason for me and so many other of us less-seasoned momma’s. Guess what…she’s weary too.

We’re all hanging on by a thread here, and that’s ok. Who knows what our new normal will look like, but we are closer than when we started!

Come in the evening or come in the morning. Come when expected or come without warning. A thousand welcomes you’ll find here before you, and the more often you come the more we’ll adore you.

Praise be the day, y’all.

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